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Building on the success of the Global Student Leadership Summit (GSLS) and the Global Student Leadership Day (GSLD) the team at YLCC are proud to announce the creation and foundation of

the Global Success Leadership Academy (GSLA).

The Background


After postponing the 2020 GSLS, we knew we had to do something different, we realize now more than ever, that the world is changing. The shift to online learning on a global level is unprecedented. Everyone has seen the value and also the challenges with quality online content, both in delivery and accessibility. After shifting gears and bringing 12,000 people from over 31 countries together, over 2 days to learn from 34 of the world's best speakers, trainers and facilitators for GSLD, we realized the need for such content. The response was so positive that we surveyed the participants and more than 500 replied. Here’s what we found: 


 - 95% of those surveyed rated the event as either excellent or very good. 

-  93% would recommend the conference to their friends and/or colleagues


The Academy

After hundreds of emails and inquiries about what’s next, we will be launching a private online leadership academy beginning June 2, 2020. For 50 weeks a year, a 90 minute live class will be delivered 3 days a week, Tuesday to Thursday at 11:30 AM EST. These classes will be available in an online, virtual archive for 24 hours for all students. We will release a 30-45 minute highlight class each Friday from the lessons learned that week. This will be a true global academy, right from the comfort of your own home.


Imagine this, a class every day with your Mentor, Stu Saunders and one guest Faculty member that dives deep into a particular topic which may include leadership development, performance, entrepreneurship, mental and physical health, school climate, goal setting, communication, event planning and even financial success. 


We believe these are the skills that are not effectively taught in most schools. With post-pandemic changes, these skill sets will be even less available to the average student. At GSLA, we believe that students and parents that invest in themselves and their children, respectively will have a substantial advantage in their chosen life path. We all need these opportunities MORE than ever. 


The Levels and Certifications


Although everyone will participate in the same 90 minute live stream or replay, there are 4 levels to the academy:


Middle School - Grades 7-9 (ages 13-15)

High School - Grades 10-12 (ages 16-18)

College/University - Ages 18-23

Educators/Parents/Guardians/Community Members - Ages 23 and up

Game Changers - Available for High School age to Educators/Parents. 


For each level, we will provide 2 assignments and/or projects each week, based on the takeaways from that week. These will be provided by both GSLA Mentor, Stu Saunders and GSLA guest Faculty. 


When 10 assignments are completed you will receive your Bronze Falcon.

When 20 assignments are completed you will receive your Silver Falcon.

When 30 assignments are completed you will receive your Gold Falcon.

When 40 assignments are completed you will receive your Platinum Falcon.


If you complete all assignments in more than 2 levels you will receive your Global Leadership Facilitator pin. 


If you were to complete all your levels in every available level (based on your age) you will receive your full diploma as a Global Leadership Ambassador .


The Investment


The value of this is truly priceless. We want to make this affordable to as many people as possible. 


The current tuition cost is $20 per month or $240 per year (billed monthly) - a value of over $600 per year or $59 a month. There will be 150 classes per year, which means that each class is just over $1.50 - cheaper than any cup of coffee you can buy! When you break this down, it is a very affordable investment into your future.


We are offering the first two weeks free so you can try it out and see how you feel. Enrol now and if you don’t feel you are benefiting from the Academy, you can simply cancel before the 2 weeks are up. If you wish to continue after the two weeks, your first month will be billed automatically two weeks later at $20, and then each month after you will be automatically billed and can cancel with no penalties at any time. 


Special bonus! Receive an additional month free for any referral that signs up for the Academy.

I learned so many things, from creating change to resilience to how to be a good leader, it was amazing. I really liked the event, it made me feel like even I can be a good leader and make a change. Since the time difference was so big, I had to stay up until dawn, definitely worth it though. It was one of the best days I spent, I kind of felt bittersweet when it's all over.



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